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We are located at 2 W Cordova Street on the corner of Cordova and Carrall in Gastown.

If you’re not familiar with Gastown (or if you’re a visitor to Vancouver), you can get directions to our location from Google Maps.

The Building – A bit of History

As late as the 1940s, the corner of Carrall and Cordova was still considered the ‘crossroads of Vancouver’s loggers’ district.’ Within a radius of two to three blocks, almost every hotel, cafe, store and bar catered to the loggers. Also in this vicinity were the ‘man catchers’, the camp employment agencies where those out of work could find new jobs. In addition, Carrall Street ran south from the Union Steamship Company docks, which for fifty years were synonymous with travel to the work camps of the coast. The Rainier Hotel, like many other buildings in Gastown, served a combined function of providing lodging on the upper floors and commercial space on the ground floor, contributing to the bustling street-level retail businesses in the area.

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