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Provisions: Noun The action of providing or supplying something for use. Verb: Supply with food, drink, or equipment.

Rainier Provisions gathers all those things that we do well at HHG and makes them available in a retail format. In addition to being a destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner Rainier Provisions offers a unique retail experience and a great cup of coffee. Please visit our friends at insurancequote.deals


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Our Partners

We are partnering up with some of Vancouver's marquee artisanal producers.


Our Menu

We serve different food from small to large servings. We also have a lot of beverages you can choose from.



Check out our pictures that we've compiled from our hotel's foundation.


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Heather is configuring the space in such a way that there will be a retail delicatessen, a take-out coffee section, and a bar section. It will also have 100 seats with table service, and a 30-seat patio. Meals will be available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. - Carolyn Ali of straight.com